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Nature reserve


  • „Jakubowo” – a forest reserve, area 4,02 ha, created  1959 r. It is set 4 km south-east of Pniewy at the A2 highway to Poznan. The reserve encompasses  a territory of an old oak-hornbeam forest and large quantities of beech and numbers of protected by law sorb species. It screens one of most beautiful spaces of bottomland deciduous mixed forest complexes in Wielkopolska Greater Poland. Beech trees have rarely seen dimensions  – average diameter equals  60 cm to 95 cm, and height reaches  38 m.


  • „Las Grądowy nad Mogilnicą” – oak-hornbeam forest on the Mogilnica River, a forest reserve 3 km south of Pniewy, within a  fairly big complex on a small hill, enclosed by two creeks that split off and run down to Mogilnica River. The reserve has an area of 7,35 ha; it was created in 1959 to screen a broad-leaved deciduous forest (grąd) with multispecies tree stand, some of them aged even 120 years, containing  multilevel rich variety of flora.
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