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Monuments in our villlages

  • N o j e w o – in the middle of the village on a small hill there is a parish church of St.Andrew Bobola built around 1865 in neogothic style, with a slender pointed turret. Next a memorial of victims of World War II and nazi. A commemorative plate displays 12 names. At the bottom there is a tomb of persons murdered by the German occupying forces under unknown circumstances. A nearby railroad features three big brick viaducts from the beginnings of the XX-th century.  Near the station masters house there is an interesting water tower from the same period.

  • P r z y s t a n k i  – a classicistic manor house built around 1860 r.,  a ground floor construction with large axial oriel windows of the first floor and vast triple arcade porch. It was remodeled toward the end of XIX-th century,  reminiscent in style of renaissance Italian villas. It was  rebuilt several times later and now it houses a primary school. On the lake  a landscape park stretches over a surface of   4 ha, established in  the middle of the XIX-th century, with an imposing oak with 500 cm circumference.

  • P s a r s k i e – in the centre of this countryside village there stands  a late gothic church of The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary built after 1462 by the Zajączkowski family foundation. It was rebuilt 1784 and features a square turret added around 1840 with an attic and a pinnacle and pyramid-shaped helmet.  Attention is drawn by three late gothic portals from the end of  XV-th century. Inside there is a gothic star-shaped vaulting and late baroque furnishings from around 1784.  In the vestibule and sacristy there is an arched vaulting with telescopic openings.  The neogothic palace from the beginning of XIX-th century was rebuilt and remodelled several times which made his stylistic features fade away. A landscape  park from the end of XIX-th century features specimens of oak with circumference 320 – 484 cm, lime trees of 384 cm and 432 cm and an ash tree of 330 cm.

  • Z a j ą c z k o w o -  there is a late baroque manor house on the lake, built in the fourth quarter of the XVIII-th century. This baroque manor was thoroughly rebuilt in 1910. The reconstruction consisted in adding a residential  story in the high ceiling attic, putting oriel windows in the front elevation and adding  to the façade a neoclassicistic projection  topped by fronton. The manor house is covered with a high four-sided slope roof of polish type.  There is a landscape park of XVIII-th century stretching all over 5,1 ha with a few interesting specimen of trees, for instance a chestnut with 410 cm circumference, Caucasus pine of 350 cm and six lime-trees with diameter 320-420 cm. Jezioro Zajączkowskie Lake  is a body of water with  46,5 ha surface.

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