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Economy - assets - prospects

Pniewy town, the trade and economic centre of the huge region. The main city development concept is taking into consideration natural economic trends, creating favorable conditions for any aspect of modern times and advance.

We want to keep pace to the European requirements and at the same time keep everything that stems from our ancestry and tradition.


The underlying idea is to realize and take into consideration the fact that man, nature and  space functions, technology, social structure of the city are parts of the one whole municipal system.


This consideration makes us care about a harmonious development of all these elements.

Pniewy supplies demand for education at the post grammar school level and vocational education on about 30 km radius area.

There are over the 800 retailers and the dozen wholesale businesses offering a full range of quality foodstuffs and industrial goods to large numbers of consumers.

Over the 800 legal  entities are entitled for the business here. These are mostly family companies and the ones with a few employees.

A tremendous impact have artisans’ workshops and craftsmen companies, both newly established and the ones of long time tradition, many of them over hundred years old.


Craft, trade joiners and carpenters as well as horse carriages makers represent the highest standard. Woodworking branch encompasses sawmills, furniture and miscellanea manufacturers. The variety and standards of  contractors and construction firms guarantee competence, skill and professionalism of work on any construction project.

All the utilities infrastructure, gas piping in the Pniewy area  are running under ground. Complete cellular telecommunications network is available. By the end of 2006 a sewage system will be laid underground. Thus, there are extensive and beneficial conditions to make a business, both small time and big time. An exceptional  geographic-communication set-up makes this place a very special location for business.


There is a junction of roads from Berlin to Poznan through the German-polish border town Swiecko and to Warsaw and Moscow also from the South  northward to Szczecin and  Świnoujście ports. Poznan is hardly 50 km away, Berlin 200 km. An additional asset is an attractive location  on the brink of Międzychodzko-Sierakowskie Lakes’ District with beautiful bodies of water which pay our attention on  hotel industry, eating places and catering services for tourists, holiday-makers and pilgrims.

As the  road transit traffic is going right through the city we make it a point of developing projects involving hotel- and catering services. There  are the huge agricultural resources in the commune so a storehouses for goods and merchandise and agric-food processing facilities are required.

All these requirements can find the management planning zone of about 80 ha of land for investment projects.

Acceptance of the city inhabitants to foreign capital and willingness of the municipal authorities is a supplement to this lead investment location. 


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