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Sport's Club Sokół Pniewy

Today Sport's Club „Sokół” Pniewy  originates from the former Polish Gymnastics Association „Sokół“ (Falcon),  established  in  1911,  subsequently named and renamed  „Spójnia” and  „Start”, to be finally duly registered in 1956 with the Polish Fottball Association in Poznań under the name  LZS „Sokół” – Popular Sports Teams „Falcon“.

In the  seventieth  – another change of name to Intercollegiate Popular Sports Club “Falcon” (Sokół). At the beginning of the ninetieth it was  „Miliarder” for a change and then back again to normality, this is to say  KS „Sokół” Pniewy.


Eventful years that altered the outlook of the city and the club were:


1988/89 – promotion to class  „A”

1990/91 – promotion to the district class

1991/92 – promotion to Division Three

1993/94 – promotion to Division Two 

1995/96 – promotion to Division One


Many people from the body of local sports activists here with their own money and at the expense of their time cultivated the tradition and sportsmanship of „Sokół” – they rose in the locals esteem and  hold their respect.


This is where unusual sports events took place:

OA team from our village of 7 thousand inhabitants was  promoted to Division One and was doing fine,  
O There was an unprecedented match with  Europa Team, i.e. a world famous “circus” that came to Pniewy on the 17th July 1993 to play a game against the local team and lost it 0:1, 
O on November 16, 1993 within the U-21 elimination rounds for the European Championships  Poles won the game againstHolland  2:0 and fought their way to the final. The event was highly praised by the polish football authority PZPN and FIFA and UEFA, 
Oat times  from Division One clubs from top ranking polish football teams were leaving Pniewy d efeated.


Always when the club was climbing upwards the city achieved some distinction and higher status. Today the KS “Sokół” is playing in the Division Four, conducts three senior teams and four youngsters and a wrestling section. In all this makes 200 inhabitants actively going in for sports.