Dear Visitors!

Welcome to the Town and Commune of Pniewy!

The very location of Pniewy makes this town an obvious investment destination for entrepreneurs and investors looking for a new place for their business.
Pniewy town is set at the crossroads of two important communication trails. This is the junction of roads from Moscow through
Warsaw, Poznan and on toward the polish-german border town of Świecko as far as Berlin and from the south of Poland leading to Szczecin  and Świnoujscie haven. What makes it even more attractive is that  – capital city of Wielkopolska Greater Poland – is not far away. Additional assets are skilled labour, highly qualified specialists in various branches. This workforce and building  sites zoned  for construction make Pniewy an attractive business partner in economic cooperation. Lately, a number of new business entities was registered in the commune enhancing the attractivity of this up area.
Admirers of picturesque spots rather off the beaten track and enthusiasts of old architecture can find something worthwhile for themselves, too. Because of the  surroundings of the region where we live is a tourist destination for many country-lovers. Pniewy Municipality is located on the border of Międzychodzko-Sierakowskie Pojezierze District Lake with beautiful bodies of water and
Puszcza Nadnotecka Primeval Nature Forest and many places in town worth seeing.
If you visit our website be sure to come to see Pniewy - you can be sure to meet friendly inhabitants there, hospitality, well functioning administration and willingness of the local self-government.
The attractive location  of Pniewy and its surroundings,  hard-working and friendly people who live there have been highly praised by the cities with whom we have partnership relations:  Luebbenau and Oer Erkenschwick in Germany, Halluin in France and polish Radków with whom we cooperate on a partner basis.
Any form of cooperation with those who find our dynamic development interesting is welcome.

You are kindly invited to come, get to know our Commune and see for yourself if this worthwhile.


I wish you all positive impressions

and satisfaction from your stay in our city.

City Mayor

Michal Chojara, M.Eng.Sc.